7 JuneBoard of Trustees Meeting

mvuuf-front2                               -First Wednesday of each Month-
          – 6:30 p.m. –

Board of Trustees:  Greg Gibbs, co-chair;  Mike MIller, co-chair;   Roberta Price, co-chair;  Larry Sidwell, Treasurer;  Susan Trotter, Secretary.

11 June:             Buddhist Meditation 
 -9:00 a.m.-  Second Sunday of Each Month-
Buddhist meditation group meets downstairs. One need not be Buddhist to attend. For information contact Debbie.

11 June:             Social Justice Interest Group

–  Second Sunday of Each Month-
-11:30 following Social Hour-

Learn about, discuss, and take action on social justice concerns–issues that effect local, national and global communities. Our group seeks projects and issues to take action on as individuals, as a group, and/or as a congregation.

21 June:                         Open Minds Discussion Group    
– Third Wednesday of Each Month- –6:30 p.m.
June topic:  LGBTQ Issues in Illinois, and what has happened under the new POTUS, led by Roberta Price. The public is welcome. You do not need to be a member of the fellowship to attend.
27 June:                                          Meditation Group
 -Fourth Tuesday of each month 6:00 p.m.-
   -Upstairs in the Fellowship Hall-
For those who want to learn and practice a variety of visualization, meditation and relaxation techniques. For details contact Nina Peacock.

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